3 types of lies that confine us in cages (117)

Three lies that trap us

An ancient king has one wish in a difficult season “I wish I had wings like a dove, so I could fly far away and be at peace.” King David

How is it even possible that the king felt so confined?

1. Don’t believe the lie that more power brings greater freedom and choice

When King David was just a shepherd boy he enjoyed the freedom of nature and anonymity.

He showed all the signs of greatness that only sheep would know. He killed a lion & a bear protecting his fathers flock.

When the world sees your gift, jealousy and greed sets their eyes on your demise.

2. Don’t believe the lie that you will gain trusted friends in power

King David’s greatest wounds came from family and those who ate at his leadership table. He even quotes the following at the height of his power “Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me”

3. He believed the lie that he didn’t have to be on the battlefield any longer (stopped leading by example)

When leaders reach the point of success where they forget the origin of their success, their mind goes into fantasy mode.

Battles are always led and won by kings & queens on the front line…

David reached such a point of success that he sent out his (Consultants) to do the fighting for him.

By believing these three lies, we trap ourselves into cages that society builds for us.

Like David, we don’t need imaginary wings of doves to escape to the mountain top or find a fresh stream to refresh ourselves, we need to do one simple thing?

Don’t take our title so seriously

Shock the world around you and become that shepherd boy or girl once again.

No need for titles

No need for accolades

No need for pretence

Watch the world distance itself from you or embrace you even more the day you return to your true self.

You’ll be as free as a dove

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