Is it possible to be an ethical politician? (118)

Absolutely it’s possible* (Conditions apply)

The most dangerous politician of all is the one that is so ethical according to their own standards, procedures and policies that everyone else who doesn’t comply becomes enemy number one.

The question then, how do we hold these politicians to account?

By having no need for them

1. Keep them within your ranks and deliberately influence their standards, procedures and policies.

2. Keep the conversation always open to prevent them from going deeper into their own self righteous rabbit hole.

3. Introduce them to ideas that they can call their own. You have to be close enough for them to catch fresh ideas.

4. Let them fail miserably and be their for them rather than exploit them.

5. Don’t give them more honour than they deserve, don’t be so demeaning that they distance themselves from you.

6. Do all the above to keep yourself from becoming so ethical in your own mind that you are no longer a vessel of influence.

Everything is measurable

It’s our blindness to the bigger picture that creates false measures of success, be it a politician or citizen Joe

Society is in desperate need of self governing individuals that have the ability to influence all sides of government to stay grounded.

To be ignorant of politics ourselves allows these politicians that perhaps enter politics for the right reason free reign to destroy the fabric of society.

The ancient influencer paraphrased ~ “I became all things so that I may save some” Paul known as the Apostle always stretching his own knowledge encouraged his students to be free from the curse of ignorance.

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