When TRANSITION comes knocking, don’t let FEAR answer the door (119)

No one had a clue how bad things would get

I had just flown back to Australia from India in February 2020 going through four airports. Every authority had different ideas how to prevent the spread of the Covid virus.

Transitions are inevitable but we are often trapped by a genuine lack of clear direction which causes fear to enter the room.

a. Fear always gives us the worst case scenario

b. Fear neglects to reveal all the positive aspects of transition

c. Fear dominated our creative space

Transitions throughout history have clearly given humanity a far better way of life.

a. Migration is a form of transition

b. Embracing technology is a form of transition

c. An end to toxic relationships is a form of transition

d. Accepting our age, our lot, our disposition is a form of transition

e. Life doesn’t end at the point of transition, it’s often the gateway to shift our mindset.

Transitions are often the birthing place of innovation, opportunities and human bonding in a deeper way.

Transitions are often the very catalyst that renew our thinking, otherwise we would become obsolete.

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