Key people make all the difference – Invest in them (121)

It’s an art to keep key people motivated and on task. It’s an accomplishment when key people give a greater return than projected KPI’s

Who are the Key People?

1. Key people have appetite and we need to be intuitive enough to recognise what appetite looks like

2. Key people are connectors. They have their own skill capacity and they have the ability to thread their capacity with others with minimal disruption.

3. Key people take time to trust. Once trust is gained, key people seek ways far beyond their status to contribute to the whole.

Where are these mysteries key people found?

They are often right in front of us.

1. If we know what we want.

2. If we know how to invest in them. Not everyone is motivated by money or status.

3. If we know when to let go and allow them to blossom.

Key people create synergy, power and life.

If we treat key people like a commodity, they will have a natural expiry date.

If we invest in key people in a nurturing environment, they will reproduce continually with very little effort.

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