Emotionally Intelligent Leaders are not Aliens, don’t fear them but they will take over (122)

In a robotic world, it will be those with a high EQ that will take the new jobs and lead. Human beings are exhausted mentally and a new form of work is forging.

Let’s briefly take a look at EQ

The idea of Emotional Intelligence EQ is relatively new, coined in 1990, however the concept is as old as time. The following four attributes that mark those with a high EQ.

  1. They are good at understanding their own emotions (self-awareness)
  2. They are good at managing their emotions (self-management)
  3. They are empathetic to the emotional drives of other people (social awareness)
  4. They are good at handling other people’s emotions (social skills)

We are evolving from the Industrial Age of factories and crammed offices where oversight was relatively easy.

People were in controlled environments and their work was measured

a. through assembly lines output

b. sales

c. memory

d. repetitive tasks

Now that the machines and technology is wiping these jobs out at record rates a new form of work is developing fast which requires EQ as a must.

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders see the gaps and create solutions with humanity as the priority.

1. They have the capacity to work at an emotional level with individuals and small group training development, rather than mass teaching through unemotional instructions

2. They encourage Critical Thinking at the core which will stimulate new ideas and opportunities.

3. Organic growth in understanding becomes the foundation of new learning rather than memory alone

4. Lateral leadership skills multiply and hierarchy fades away

5. Self governing attributes are passed on from person to person

6. New levels of trust and personal well being is fostered

7. The taskmaster will vanish as a relic of the past

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders are not Aliens, don’t fear them but the will take over.

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