Shake off the expectations and do what you’re good at (123)

Nothing worse than seeing someone step into roles they’re not suited to.

It’s often the case when someone gets that promotion and they become miserable.

To some, a promotion may end up being a demotion of the soul.

They’ve gone from something they’re great at to the unfortunate mismatch of the square peg trying to fit a round hole.

There’s no shame in loving what we do and being the best at it no matter what.

Passion & ambition aren’t always from the same stock

1. Being passionate about saving planet earth can be easily destroyed by entering politics

2. Taking on a promotion because the money is better may be a hinderance to true prosperity in the field of your hearts desire

3. We don’t have to postpone what we’re good at to appease the masses

For many of us that are rediscovering what we love have unfortunately taken a huge deter to get our joy back.

When we deny our makeup we make ourselves unwell

Not everything we love has to make money. There is a good chance that we can have both if we find our groove again.

For me, I love encouraging people and I love property. People have always been my first preference and I have acquired a skill when it comes to commercial property. When I mix the two, it seems I have found my sweet spot of making money while I do what I love.

You don’t have to ditch what you’re good at in order to survive. You, like many of us may have to go around the mountain a couple of times before you give yourself permission to get back on track.

Why go back to what you’re good at?

1. Your energy will return to you

2. The world can do with more authentic people

3. Your gift will make your world a better place

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