3 Reasons Virtual Profiles Suck (124)

The idea of virtual is not limited to the software world, it is as old as time.

VIRTUAL – Something that exists in the mind and there’s an attempt to make it real

Why Virtual Profiles Suck

1. We get trapped 24/7 projecting ourselves in an alternate universe where it’s hard to define where reality sits

This is not limited to social media

This happens everyday in the workplace where we project who we would like others to see us as

I remember a time where my job entailed travelling the world performing to an audience over two hundred nights a year. When I came home to my wife and kids I found it hard to live a day to day life in reality.

Best thing that ever happened was to get of the virtual cycle.

We are more than our job title

2. We rarely take stock of what’s really going on

So many missed opportunities happen when we live in a virtual world

We trade real sounds of birds singing in nature with the latest digital app of a bird singing with our headphones on

The virtual world erodes genuine relationships and masquerades distant likes, emoji icons and virtual waves for friendship and the depth of human interaction

3. The instancy of virtual profiling disconnects intuition

Wether it’s the HR department or a dating App, the very notion that we can identify strengths and weaknesses through a CV or digital profile is an insult to human intelligence and intuition.

For many of us that have been trapped in the virtual cycle, the very idea of being real and authentic wherever we are is frightening.

I remember doing an exiting interview at a company that I didn’t fit into. The HR person didn’t quite know how to conduct the interview. By the end of the interview, the HR person opened up and shared how trapped they felt in the system. They felt comfortable enough to confess their dilemma but not enough to seek their own authentic life.

I’ve seen this repeated for decades, way before the social media craze and the internet.

The lie of virtual reality is, we think we are in control


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