DEAR YOUNG PERSON – You can’t escape your calling (125)

You can’t escape your calling and you will never find peace until you surrender to it.

Wether you’re an artist, engineer, soldier, teacher or nurse, these titles aren’t your calling.

Your calling is in your DNA and you are given it in your mother’s womb. Society in all its grandeur tries to fashion you like clay but that’s not your calling.

You can have all the trappings of success and be miserable because you’re not fulfilling your calling.

The calling comes from a place of faith, it’s terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

I recognised my calling at 20 years of age, in fact it was in May 1984 (ominous year 😆, perhaps a precursor of 2020 big brother)

It was so clear and at the same time, ridiculous. I felt so ill equipped to achieve my calling and it felt like a huge weight on my shoulders. After talking to a trusted elder and telling him what I believe I should do with my life, he eased me into accepting my call with some advice.

“It’s sounds like a true calling and the reason I know, it frightened you, it surprised you and you need all the faith you can muster to realise what’s in your heart. Your calling will never leave you and you won’t be happy until you yield to it” or words to that effect.


I’ve achieved a lot of things in my life but nothing compares to surrendering to my God given conscience. Sometimes the pay is absolute sh*t but the reward is priceless.

This cartoon is a pic of Construction Boss Gerry Hanssen and me when I started in his company a few years ago.

I didn’t want a title, Gerry instantly called me the Chaplain. 😂😂😂

I think he got a Chaplain on steroids.

You can’t escape what you are.

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