Permission to reset your life in 3 ways (126)

The term RESET isn’t necessarily positive or negative. In the following blog, it’s an opportunity to free our mind and life from false expectations we have of ourselves and life’s circumstances.

We have all experienced the glitch (that temporarily malfunction or fault in equipment). The first thing that we have become accustomed to is switch everything off for a few seconds and then switch it on.

The reset button is a God Send.

1. Start fresh in our attitude

We may have gotten ourselves so busy that our fundamental attitude of human kindness to ourselves and others has gone out the window.

When we think our attitude isn’t worth checking from time to time, all sorts of areas will malfunction in our life.

– Our family, friends and work colleagues can only tolerate so much from an unhealthy attitude

– The higher up we believe we are on the food chain ladder the greater our need to check our attitude

– What are simple fixes become complex issues until we reset our attitude and come back to planet earth

An easy way to check our attitude, does the energy in the room light up when you walk in or dim down.

2. Start fresh in the direction you are going

We often carve in stone the direction we want to go in life which then becomes a mill stone around our neck

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having goals in life until circumstances dramatically change

Pressing the reset button on our future goals isn’t a matter of failure it’s a matter of priority

My energy and focus in my twenties is far different now that I’m in my fifties. In my twenties life was simple and I had very little responsibilities compared life in my fifties.

Reevaluating what matters is an opportunity to carry only only what is needed and nothing more.

To carry regret and everything else that goes with life is too much if we want to live a full and prosperous life.

3. Start fresh reviewing who’s on your life train

There are only so many seats we can fill on our life journey. We can’t rescue everyone and we can’t please everyone.

I made the disastrous mistakes in my ambitious years and had those I loved most sit at the rear of the train while I entertained those that eventually got off the train.

Resetting who matters most and starting fresh and treating them so.

All three reset buttons are just a click away. Once pressed, the mechanisms will go through the process to give us a new lease on life. This can only happen if we give ourselves permission to start fresh.

The alternative is living a life filled with malfunction. Always frustrated, angry and fearful.

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