3 ways Tunnel Vision inhibits peripheral opportunities (127)

It’s often admirable when we hear that someone is focused, they have a one track mind, they are like a dog on a bone.

The idea of focus and discipline denotes qualities of character, resolve and resourcefulness.

The idea of Tunnel Vision is different to focus.

1. Tunnel Vision doesn’t get the complete picture

To truly be focused we must be aware of our surroundings and not just what’s in front of us.

Tunnel Vision leaves very little room for unwarranted surprises.

2. Tunnel Vision creates complacency

We blindly miss all the other opportunities that present themselves because we have trained ourselves to put on the blinkers.

Managers can often be number one perpetrators as they see their team as a production line and nothing else.

Managers with Tunnel Vision tend to burn through capable people. These managers lack the skills required to get the best out of people.

These managers tend to blame everything and everyone for their lack in progress while they hide behind their Tunnel Vision complacency.

3. Tunnel Vision turns into fear

When Tunnel Vision sets in, we can’t see what you can’t see.

We tend to get spooked by the simplest things.

We’ve condensed life to a horse track with too many limitations.

We are not beasts of burden, so get that metaphoric rider off your back that drives you into Tunnel Vision mode.

Take off the blinkers, stay focused and learn to be nimble

Being nimble allows us to experience the full spectrum of opportunity without necessarily slowing down.

A focused person knows there is plenty of opportunity along a path rather than just the end game.

1. Opportunities to gain personal growth and wisdom along the way.

2. Opportunities to take others along the path as you up skill in your leadership and equip the team.

3. Opportunities to smell the roses along the way. Life will become to short if we’ve condensed it to a race track.

4. Opportunities to go a completely different path if it presents itself.

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