All human beings are made of clay, that’s why we all need love (130)

Society has brilliantly elevated individuals and groups to the status of the gods projecting perfection as an achievable goal.

The reality is, all human beings are as fragile as a clay pot that is fashioned and forged in fire for a purpose.

1. We are all uniquely crafted

2. We all have significance

3. We all have a place

What happens when we discover the frailty of another human being?

1. It’s easy to judge

2. It’s challenging to make room for their failure if it caused us grief

3. It’s humbling to recognise that we are equally capable of all sorts of infractions

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others is love

1. Love doesn’t justify frailty, it allows room to pick up the pieces and help bring the vessel back together

2. Love speaks boldly and acts courageously

3. Love refuses to allow resentment and hate to motivate our thinking and actions

4. Love accepts the condition of others and moves forward, never enabling, always seeking to restore

When reality hits us at some point in life and we discover that we are all made of clay, love isn’t so hard to activate.

Perhaps you have achieved a lot in your life, reached your goals and still life has left you empty. The fact is, you cannot give what you haven’t got, especially unconditional love.

If life has left you in a fragile state, don’t despair, this is your opportunity to thrive again.

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