3 benefits when you become a Mentor? (131)

The world has gone mad with an overstimulation of info, many can’t see the Forrest for the trees.

Becoming a Mentor doesn’t have to be official. It is simply helping someone on purpose along their life’s journey.

3 benefits when you become a Mentor

1. We stay fresh in our own life experience

Caring for others in their journey and being available in very practical terms forces us to grow.

‘We can’t give what we don’t have’

There is nothing uglier than those that know better who withhold opportunities for others to grow.

2. Our life experience goes to good use

As a Mentor, we help others bypass many unwanted paths as we influence those we are helping what to expect through our mistakes

We also have the privilege of showing others some of life’s shortcuts to achieve great results with minimal effort.

3. The trust that we gain has mutual rewards

There is something wholesome about being a trusted sounding board for someone to work out their issues

We are not their therapist, we are their trusted friend that has walked before them.

Life long friendships are often birthed through the Mentoring process. When the student becomes a Mentor, they in turn pass it forward and guide others through life and feel the reward in doing so.

We don’t need credentials to give a damn, we just need to go out and encourage someone in need. The rest becomes natural.

Perhaps you are looking for a Mentor or want to grow as a Mentor?

If you are interested in a chat, message me on WhatsApp with the button to the right hand bottom corner of this page or email me direct on contact@tomsmilovitis.com and we can arrange to meet if you’re in Perth, Western Australia or zoom chat anywhere in the world.

Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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