Stay positive, you don’t have to justify your optimism, 3 reasons why? (132)

Everyone carries a certain energy about them.

Some are so negative, like a black hole in space, they dim the atmosphere in every room they walk in and…

1. People in the room feel their own energy levels vaporise and find their thinking becomes foggy

2. Trying to do work around a negative person is distracting as creativity is locked

3. Negativity by its very own nature sucks the light, life and movement to exist itself

Positive people fill with a room with optimism and energy, they don’t need to justify their hope filled vibe

1. Positive people leave others thinking of possibilities and they upset nay sayers

2. Positive people create solutions, they fill the voids and encourage those that feel empty

3. Positive people create movement, opportunity and initiate necessary change

Being positive isn’t being loud or faking it till we make it. Being positive is simply moving forward in every direction and being motivated by vision

Some may call positive people visionary’s, they ‘faith it till they make it’. They see things others don’t.

Positive people are too busy believing and doing rather than critiquing and procrastinating.

Why try to justify what negative people can’t see?

Both the negative and those that need encouragement will benefit if we stay on course and deliver what’s in our heart.

Stay positive, you don’t need to justify your optimism, your fruit will speak for itself.

Positive Energy is scarce, don’t just give yours away to anyone that has little appreciation how hard you work to stay positive and optimistic.

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