3 common attributes of survivors (133)

Those who continue to exist and live in spite of danger and hardship

1. They accept the conditions around them, they don’t accept defeat

Part of the survival journey is acknowledging the lay of the land, the environment we find our selves in.

The moment we see things as they are we begin to glean and we start foraging for any thing that’s of value.

Survivors know that every little thing that we find useful must be taken and activated.

2. Survivors conserve energy

With little resources the survivor is always mindful of being frugal

They suspend all their immediate needs and appetites for better days

The survivor is forever in strategy mode to preserve themselves as they look to prolong their existence

3. The survivor picks their time to move on

With limited resources and stuck in a hostile environment, the survivor musters up and keeps moving towards freedom

Survivors that truly live, making the most out of life accept their new surroundings once they’re out of immediate danger.

Existing is not enough, we must live and treat life as a precious gift not a prison sentence.

a. They remain vigilant but they don’t become victims of their past

b. They play the long game staying frugal but don’t become stingy

c. They never become complacent and always move on to new opportunities

Survivors at their very best equip others to survive and live should one ever find themselves in hostile environments

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