5 attributes of Wholesome Leadership & Mentoring (135)

Why use the term WHOLESOME Leadership & Mentoring?

Before we choose the Leadership & Personal Development process, choose the person who walks the walk and talks the talk.

In the ancient days, there was a clear distinction between hirelings & shepherds.

A hireling was a person who was paid to do a job of looking after the sheep, with limited scope. They had menial daily tasks in exchange for a wage. If danger was present, like a wolf threatening the sheep, the hireling would run.

The motivation of the hireling is fee driven. This isn’t necessarily evil, it is what it is. If we hire someone to do a menial job like caring for sheep, don’t expect them to die for the sheep.

If we are looking for a partner to take ownership of the sheep, pay them accordingly. These are the ones that will work for less than a hireling and should get paid abundantly when there is an abundance to go around.

A shepherd was in it for the welfare of the sheep regardless of the fee and would hunt down any threat

A WHOLESOME Leader or Mentor gives their complete heart in the process of developing others

5 Attributes of WHOLESOME Leaders & Mentors

1. They continually work on self mastery. They are always preparing for the challenge. They know they must give out of currency they have today and not rely on past knowledge alone

2. They pick students who are up for the task and don’t allow ego to just pick everyone that appears curious

3. They know where to draw the lines between themselves assisting and the student doing the work

4. They are unapologetic about the process and acknowledge that many students won’t finish the course

5. No amount of money is worth what what a truly gifted Leader or Mentor has and these unique individuals charge according to the ability of the student

If you are looking to grow as an influencer and leader, pick the right Mentor

There are plenty of HIRELINGS masquerading as SHEPHERDS, it doesn’t take long to distinguish between the two.

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