Why COVETING our neighbours possessions is fatal to personal development (136)

The term ‘thou shalt not covet’ was carved in stone thousands of years ago for a reason.

It was never meant to be replaced by another law. It was not open for discussion or interpretation.

Anyone’s opinion to justify is null and void.

Unlike a fantasy which is way beyond most people’s reach like having our own island, the law of covetousness related to our neighbour. Our neighbours are those who are in close proximity to us.

3 distractions happen when we entertain coveting

1. We look at those around us and we believe we deserve what they have more then they do

That Job, Title, Property, Relationship, should have been mine

2. We demean our own existence

We fail to back ourselves in a real way and we allow imaginary limitations that prevent us from progressing

3. We destroy our own integrity and motivation to better ourselves

We lose the respect of those that see our eyes filled with covetousness

How coveting works

– Coveting starts with our eyes

– Our self talk convinces us of our hidden desire

– The green eye of jealousy with all its hidden camouflage turns into an insidious possessive cancer.

The antidote for covetousness

1. Mind our own business

2. Imagine what it is that we want with what we have

3. Start backing ourselves to create a life without the need to take what doesn’t belong to us

The freedom we have when covetousness no longer has a grip on us is simple.

We realise our neighbour has their own vices and setbacks and we may be instrumental in blessing our neighbour rather than to be secretly jealous of them.

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