3 ways to prevent cruel associates from throwing us under a bus, our reputation is everything (137)

No matter how much we try to mind our own business, there will always be someone that will meddle with our business, why?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many people advise me on how to do my job.

Most of them wouldn’t even know what it’s like walking in my footsteps yet they feel qualified to tell me how and where to walk.

In my forty plus years of work history, I’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by highly qualified mentors in their fields.

From hospitality, not for profits, real estate, construction. I accelerated in all these fields because the mentor student relationships were fluid and natural.

It is easy to identify where I struggled throughout my career. It was my colleagues that did not have my permission to be my advisers or mentors.

1. It’s that number one sales person who gets promoted to sales manager that throws everyone under a bus to preserve their reputation at the expense of yours.

2. It’s that lazy work colleague who doesn’t pull their weight but always puts their opinion in on how to achieve an objective.

3. It’s the bazar nepotism in a family business that always puts blood first at the expense of more qualified and integral colleagues

4. It’s the notion that tenure overrides any possible promotion of a more favourable person to add value to the enterprise

All the above and more create the perfect setting for colleagues to throw others under the bus (metaphorically) to keep their place.

3 ways to prevent being thrown under a bus

1. Mind your own business and be better at it than anyone else

2. Stay vigilant, guarding your heart (attitude) from allowing the ignorance of others to morph you into throwing your colleagues under a bus

3. Always outgrow your current habitat in Leadership & Personal Development, allowing the world to open doors for you rather than shrink in confidence

Keep your colleagues guessing is one of the surest ways of gaining their respect while they try to figure you out.

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