Getting older is cool, 3 reasons why? (138)

Life begins at fifty

1. With the benefit of hindsight, we realise how foolish we were to worry about so many things that didn’t matter

Navigating through all the empty words, broken promises and unrealistic expectations, we become less obsessed the older we get (I acknowledge some are late bloomers and may experience this in their 60s or 70s)

I often marvel how elderly people seem more content the older they get

They have less to prove

2. We tend to focus on things we love most the older we get

It’s amazing how age starts to bring clarity of what we don’t want out of life, resulting in a refocus to a handful of things that matter most

3. We return back to a childhood state and enjoy the simple things again

Life has a way of taking away our youthful optimism, joy and enthusiasm

Ageing has a peculiar way of reverting our life back to things we miss about being young

Some may see this as a crisis, others experience this as a breakthrough

I tend to think it’s a crisis when our decisions unnecessarily hurt those we claim to love

I tend to think it’s a breakthrough when we discover our passion and follow our dreams

There is nothing more refreshing than being around older people that have a sense of self

These are the ones that naturally go and mentor the next generation, helping them navigate through the turbulence of youth

One liberating thing that I did when I experienced a breakthrough, I tore up every award, certificate of accomplishment and started fresh. The idea of resting on my past success is not an option, it feels like I have noose around my neck

Relying on past success is a type of vanity that leaves me hopeless especially when life has so much more to offer

In my fifties, I’ve rediscovered the joy of personal growth that keeps us fresh, not past successes.

P.S I wouldn’t recommend you burn all your awards, it’s just something I felt I had to do. We are all different.

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