Why Mercy heals the body, mind & spirit (139)

We don’t use the term Be Merciful much in everyday life, yet the healing that comes with acts of mercy is undeniable.

We can get so preoccupied with Justice, Revenge and the day of Reckoning, we miss the connection that we are becoming sicker as a society.

Being Merciful is not for the weak. Only courageous individuals with a great capacity to be truly human towards the unlovable can administer acts of Mercy.

1. Mercy cures us of self righteousness

When we live a life never needing Mercy, we can over-inflate our own sense of importance. Self importance is a recipe for self destruction as we trample on the human race with judgment.

There is nothing uglier than being in the presence of a smug self righteous person who is hiding their own need for mercy.

2. Mercy restores broken relationships

The ugliest wars are civil wars, brother against brother.

The ugliest divorces, when two who once claimed love, destroy property, unity and legacy.

Business partners, work colleagues, not for profits are all voids for harsh judgement where an act of mercy can bring restoration.

How do we find the Mercy that can bring healing to ourselves and society?

Start with an act of mercy to yourself.

Recognise areas of your life that are broken and give yourself a fresh start.

It can be exhausting trying to justify every action of our past.

Being merciful to ourselves first is a foundation stone to being merciful to others.

We no longer have to hide behind perfectionism. We no longer have to look at the bottomless debt we feel we owe ourselves and society.

Being merciful to ourselves releases us from other people’s expectations and frees us to serve with no strings attached.

The fruit of justice is fair compensation which leaves a bad taste in the mouth of society. Being fair and reasonable is about as good as it gets, someone always feels taken advantage of.

The fruit of mercy is compassion, undeserved compassion. It’s an opportunity to grow in the purist form of humanity and reach a spiritual plateau where all parties are humbled and healed.

As true as the ancient text says ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy’

Exercising Mercy produces a quality in any leader that is wanting to influence others without the need to micromanage. Acts of mercy will also go a long way towards good mental health.

Are you wanting to grow in mercy and wholesome influence.

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One Comment on “Why Mercy heals the body, mind & spirit (139)

  1. Mercy is such a gift to give, as you said to ourselves first and then to bestow it on others! It is so healing for our souls!

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