3 positives to hitting rock bottom (140)

It’s the most painful experiences that enlighten the most beautiful hearts

When we are living the high life, it’s often difficult to recognise authentic relationships, opportunities and our capacity

How could anything positive come out of hitting rock bottom?

1. We truly find out who our loved ones are

When the honey moon is over the real marriage begins

When we are under fire in the workplace or we lose our public office, the real friends and connections continue

When I was thirty eight years of age, I got fired from a world wide religious organisation for standing my ground on ethical grounds. After twenty one years of service with no marks against my name, I lost everything in a moment.

All that remained was my marriage, family and a handful of friends.

THEY WERE MORE THAN ENOUGH to rebuild a life and from the handful of authentic relationships, an abundance of new relationships birthed.

2. We truly find out that there is more to life than what we have become accustomed to.

Many migrants have experienced this. They have to leave the comfort of language, country and kin to seek better opportunities.

Out of a need to survive, we stumble on unseen opportunities. Academics start cleaning businesses to survive and end up building an empire. Peasant Farmers end up owning fishing fleets. Factory workers end up building property portfolio.


3. We get that sweet taste of finally being ourselves

We often hear the new age term ‘being the best version of yourself’. It’s often very difficult to explore the idea of ‘who am I’ when we are busy existing.

Hitting rock bottom, losing almost everything clears the deck to finally ask deeper questions about life.

Jesus shared one of the deepest truths about hitting rock bottom that is filled with optimism. He said “Unless seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone. But when it dies, it comes back to life and increases a hundred times.

The true beauty of losing almost everything, we get a chance to build life long friendships that have sustained the fire.

We get to experience opportunities that we never thought possible.

We get to be whoever we want to be, or better still who we’ve been created to be.

Best of all, we laugh harder than we’ve ever laughed when all the masks are off. We also pray with a reaching hand and cry with a deep burdened heart for others still trapped in the maze of despair.

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