Futurists aren’t modern day witches, they can’t help what they see (141)

A futurist in the simplest way, sees the future based on conditions applied. Some conditions may be intervened, some may have to be accepted.

A futurist lives in the thousand shades of grey. They make those who live in the past and those who love the present very nervous.

Futurists are mocked for speaking about possibilities that seem absurd. This is a common human trait, to bring down anyone that unsettles the proverbial Apple Cart.

Nothing has changed over the centuries; anyone that speaks outside of the accepted dominant norm of black & white must be removed.

It’s hard to believe; Between 1500 and 1782 at least 25,000 Germans, mostly women but also some men and children, were executed for witchcraft.

These are extreme cases but the principle remains the same. Human beings have a terrible inability to handle free thinkers.

The Futurist is one of the freest thinkers that bring change to the world.

1. They see man flying like birds…

2. They see cures for diseases…

3. They see the healing of the planet…

4. They see the end of poverty…

In every society, the futurist isn’t appreciated until their future becomes the new norm, the accepted way of life.

There is a futurist in every single one of us when we allow ourselves the freedom to imagine. It’s in the imagination that we unlock our own potential to be a change agent in our environment.

1. Don’t expect those close to you to be excited about your new outlook unless they to live in life’s possibilities

2. Don’t expect everything you see possible to come easy

3. It’s hard to go back to black and white once you realise the thousand shades of grey, even some colours seeping through

Take note how they treated history’s greatest futurist who challenged the government, religion and status quo of his day. They called him Beelzebub, Lord of the flies, for healing people and giving them hope.

At that point, after falsely charging him, they crucified him in order to bring things back to the way they were. NOT A CHANCE.

Dare to imagine and see what the creator brings your way that makes the world a better place.

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