Shout what you believe from the rooftops (142)

We attract who we are, not who we claim we are

It doesn’t take long to recognise the motives in people once the acid is applied

The origin of the ACID TEST that has become a phrase to test people’s capacities

Gold prospectors and dealers need to be able to distinguish gold from base metal. The original acid test was developed in the late 18th century and relied on nitric acid’s ability to dissolve other metals more readily than gold.

The acid test is the pressure applied by life, other people expectations or of ourselves, if we are truly going to commit.

It’s easy to rest on our laurels of past success and sprout meaningless words. The Acid Test authenticates our currency, wether we are still in the game or we have opted out.

Why shout from the rooftop what we believe, especially if you intend building a business or community?

1. The world is so polluted with fools gold that has not gone through the Acid Test

People are settling for rubbish products and services

2. People are not mind readers

State the obvious of what it is you want, where is the benefit for all parties and ask for the business, order or contribution. Stop beating about the Bush.

Over two thousand years ago this principle was taught ‘Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will open’

3. Clarify what you want to give your time to

Shouting from the rooftop converts us first. If we don’t believe our message no one else will.

It defines our message in its simplest form

It will separate time wasters from other authentic people interested in your message, product or service

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