Efficient Systems & Glorious Speed is a form of art, from the kitchen to the racetrack (143)

I grew up in family businesses, from a bakery, fast foods and restaurants.

They all revolved around repetitive processes. Each person was appointed to their own unique pole position to make the most out of human and product resources.

I started at 12 years of age working in my uncles fish & chip shop answering the phone to take the orders.

1. I was assigned one job and it had to be done near on perfect

– Dress code, white clean T-shirt was essential, showing pride in cleanliness

– Answer the phone clearly, politely and make sure I got the order right every time

– When my cousins, uncle or auntie wanted clarity with the orders, there was very little room for mistakes

– I wasn’t allowed to move any further than one metre from the phone during peak times

It was all about efficiency and synergy. Even at 12 years of age, I was given an integral role in the operations an extremely busy fish and chips outlet

Over 45 years later, people still remember that business for its speed and quality of food.

It felt like an art form throughout the evenings as we all danced around and did our part.

Wether it’s an F1, GP MOTTO, The Construction Industry, Sports Clubs or any other sector that requires team effort and repetition, turn it into an art form form.

I was able to apply the same skills throughout my life in various settings, leveraging systems of efficiency rather than becoming constantly busy.

There was nothing better than that feeling at the end of a shift. We cleaned the whole fish and chip shop with bleach, I got my pay and free dinner as part of the deal and went home exhausted.

When we rush, we make mistakes, accidents happen. When we are efficient, speed becomes that joyous harmony where moments of satisfaction are experienced.

Have you become too busy and have lost the joy of being efficiency or maybe you’ve never experienced this art form?

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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