Position Hogs miss the opportunity to train, why? (144)

There is a huge difference between training others and using them

A Position Hog?

They use their position to get their way and leave little room for others to grow

1. No one is ever good enough to do their job

2. They always come to the rescue and put out the fires (they discretely started)

3. Their frail ego is larger than the opportunity to help and equip others to succeed

How do we identify the Position Hog?

1. They tell you how to do your job and they micromanage the process

2. They leave you feeling dependent on them

3. They don’t know how to empower others to grow

The world is dramatically changing and Position Hogs will be left out to dry. The new era of a Lateral Leadership rather than Hierarchical Leadership is gaining strength

Lateral Leaders look for gifts in everyone on the table. They multiply opportunities in every direction. These Leaders are constantly looking for ways to raise others to take their place.

If you ever want to know the difference between a Position Hog & Lateral Leader, just ask the question.

Give me the name or names of individuals that you are training to take your place?

If they don’t know what you are talking about, they have already answered the question.

Lateral Leadership isn’t for everyone in the developing years of leadership. It is an acquired taste to see others truly flourish.

I assure you, if you don’t catch Lateral Leadership by the time you are fifty years of age, you will be miserable. More things and higher positions just don’t cut it.

In nature, the proof of health is reproduction not replication.

An ancient teacher quoted “You will know them by their fruit”

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