God is a GREENY, how blind are we not to see (146)

Restoring order, harmony, peace, mental wellbeing in a person or society is greatly connected to nature.

Wether you are a practicing Christian like me or any other faith or even an atheist, we all have connection to the redeeming qualities of creation

Recently I did a bush walk with a friend of mine who talked about Indigenous Australians and their connection to the earth.

He referred to the earth as Mother “The way we treat Mother will always reap positive or negative results”

Mother cannot be controlled by government, corporations or individuals.

Mother can only be tended to, for her to give humanity what it needs to survive.

Mother is calling out to humanity to protect her or she won’t produce

From my Christian perspective, I just need to go back to the origins of our beliefs, EDEN

EDEN, simply the perfect garden of the Creator, where humanity is placed in perfect bliss.

GENESIS, The most beautiful picture of creation and the role humanity played which was to keep creation going as originally intended.

The older we get the easier it is to see the original plan

1. I meet many elderly people that abused Mother Nature and now go back to her to find peace

2. Society gets so caught up with more, they end up with less

3. Most religions and those who claim no faith have deep respect for Mother Nature

Perhaps if society would slow down just a bit, we may hear the groaning and tears of what we have done to Mother Nature.

As a Christian, it seems in my later years I’ve come to appreciate God’s creation more. The time I spend in living creation brings peace to my soul. Wether it’s watching a small plant grow, as it is loved and tended to, or in the midst of a thousand year forrest, Mother Nature is always speaking. It is a way back to hearing, seeing and sensing God’s voice in the stillness of the earth breathing.

Why are we so bent on killing Mother Earth in search of another Surrogate Mother in space to sustain us.

Jesus was the ultimate GREENY

1. He taught in the fields, beachside, people’s homes

2. His parables were injected with truth about nature, the spirit, life, relationships

3. In teaching others to pray, he taught his students to restore earth as it is in heaven. A place of order, harmony and peace

3. He died on a cross promising eternal restoration

Mother Earth is like a voice crying in the wilderness, “Change the way we think and return back to the original plan”

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