2 rules of leadership, longevity is our defence, fruit is our reward (147)

I remember decades ago, hearing a great message on the art of leadership. The key comment that stood out to me as a young man ‘Stick around long enough and watch those around you fall by the wayside’

1. Leaders stick around long enough

It’s amazing to see people rise because they have staying power

– Staying power is a willingness to commit even at the first sign of trouble

– Staying power is an ability to glean through all the neglected issues to look for solutions

– Staying power is an understanding, it takes time to bring the necessary changes

– Staying power is characteristic of those who see the long game

Sticking around long enough without a clear objective isn’t leadership, it’s entitlement without fruit

2. Leaders seek fruit at the right time

– Healthy fruit can only grow in a well nurtured garden

– Leaders understand it takes planning, effort and deliberate focus to realise a particular fruit (outcome)

– Leaders aren’t seat warmers or consultants. They do what they have to do to make things happen

– Leaders rally others around them and constantly train them rather than instruct them

Leaders enjoy the fruit of their labour along the way. They continue the process of chopping away dead wood that doesn’t produce

Most of the hard work of leadership is done behind closed doors rather than grandstanding

Stick around long enough will often get you that position you seek

A position alone has its own troubles

Producing fruit will give you the satisfaction your soul yearns

Fruit: Inspiring others, making wholesome change, bringing sustainable growth, creating harmony, encouraging creativity, opening doors for the next generation

Why are you leading?

What fruit are you looking for?

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