Worry is the thief who steals time, health and opportunity (149)

Doubtful, miserable, fearful, anxious, uneasy, misgivings, apprehensive, troubled may be some of the ways we can describe worry

With certainty, worry is a thief

1. Worry steals time

It’s amazing to see how much unproductive time goes by when our mind races around in circles filled with worry

An ancient teacher said to his students over 2000 years ago “Can anyone by worrying add a single hour to their life?” The answer is absolutely not… in fact worrying steals time

2. Worry steals our health

Wether it’s physical anxiety or chronic mental fatigue, worry steals our energy, wellbeing and joy

Worry is a master at fabricating false scenarios in our mind that play over and over until exhaustion

3. Worry steals opportunity

A person who is perpetually in a state of worry chokes creativity, limiting the law of attraction from doing it’s thing

We attract what we think about most

The way to stop all the theft of time, health and opportunity is to be deliberate about guarding our mind.

Renewing the way we think more than what we think.

Understanding time, our health and opportunity is all in the power of our mind, we begin to feed our mind with everything we truly desire until it is realised.

Like any thief, don’t let worry in

Optimism is one of the greatest combatants against worry. It’s the art of positive self talk that nurtures hope and confidence for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

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