3 ways to raise a socially conscious army without throwing fists (150)

How do we influence society to do the best they can without enforcing too many rules

1. The devil is not in the detail, the devil is in the lack of vision

The day we create a vision far larger than anyone’s personal interest, is the day of an awakening

As far as the detail is concerned, that will take care of itself

People that are filled with a global outlook rather than self interest will contribute to the solutions

Each person according to their gift and capacity will have the space to bridge society together

2. When the pie is so large, people will stop eating one another

A global vision in our family, neighbourhood, city or nation, brings prosperity to all

The opposite is true as well, where there is no vision, scarcity brings fear to all

Unless individuals wake up to purpose, they will begin to behave by base instinct and survival

Purpose threads society together as each person compliments one another through diversity

3. Grassroots Leadership becomes the constant catalyst that keeps the community on track

Once a larger than life vision is realised, watch the weeds of self interest plant themselves in places of influence to pull it apart and steal opportunities for themselves

Grassroots Leaders stay on track as they continue to evangelise the vision and oversee progress; never heeding to the voice of distraction

– Their role is to keep simplifying where we are going and how it can be achieved

– There role is to protect the vulnerable from being corrupted by those given to self interest

– There role is to show the way and walk the way

The moment these Grassroots Leaders get caught up in self interest, theirs, or another’s, watch the whole thing go back to scarcity and base survival

Community in its truest form has room for everyone

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