3 reasons why dealing with anger is better than lashing out (151)

Anger is one of those emotions that needs to be preserved and used with absolute discretion

1. No one loses the temper, they simply direct it

When someone tells you they lost their temper and couldn’t help lashing out, be weary of that person, don’t be sympathetic

Like most emotions, anger is one that can be harnessed and dealt with

It’s amazing to see people change their manner when different people are present

I grew up in a family where there was plenty of shouting, emotional fuses blowing up all the time from my mum and dad. It was their way of dealing with the frustration of scarcity and trying to figure out building a life together in a new country

When visitors dropped in, they seemed to muster up and hide their anger very well

2. Anger shouldn’t be used as a tool for control

I picked up some bad habits from my dad

He had an uncanny ability to say nothing but controlled everything

For many years, I mimicked his manner and my anger would bleed through my smile. I couldn’t hide my rage and always tried to cover it up through various methods

– I would work harder than everyone else

– I would try to buy gifts for my wife or joke about how terrible I acted rather than deal with my anger

– I would suppress my anger and it would reveal itself in other areas unrelated to what I was angry about

3. Anger leaves you in a lonely state

– Always winning the argument and always being in control makes other people less likely to open up to us

– We only get to hear what we think we want to hear, rarely will we hear the truth

There is nothing uglier than being around an angry time bomb

It was Paul known as the Apostle over 2000 years ago who shares an amazing revelation about anger ‘Be angry but do not sin, don’t let the sun go down on your anger’

Paul recognised that there is a time and place for anger. It should be dealt with there and then. When the sun goes down, let anger go. Don’t allow it to be part of your makeup.

– Ask for forgiveness if you’ve carried a grudge and keep moving forward rather than be a victim of anger

Angry people are the prisoners not the victors

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