Stop working harder, just change the routine (152)

Discipline is definitely a key to progress, until our disciplines lock us up

We all know those people who won’t break routine. Their routine has become their good luck charm and with that comes mental superstition.

– It was a particular routine that helped us in the past and we fear to let it go

– Our routine is so comfortable now, it hardly takes discipline

– We fail to see that we are going backwards, sticking to the same routine

The only conclusion is to work harder, rather than change the routine altogether. Our routine has now locked us up.

Change is as good as a holiday, why?

– It forces us to develop new disciplines

– It forces us to see things differently

– Our creativity kicks in and we become stimulated again

Wether it’s in the workplace, marriage, friendships or just our personal growth, nothing stays the same indefinitely

Our ability to be disciplined in a new arena may just keep us young, save our marriage or create a new income stream

Keep people guessing about your life, stay fresh and learn some new rituals to take you to the next leg of your life journey

What new routines will help you get your cutting edge back and more importantly, make you smile again?

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