Lead, Follow or get out of the way (153)

It’s difficult to find the person who coined this phrase, ‘Lead, follow or get out of the way’. I’ll guarantee they were decisive and not double minded.


If we ever take the lead position, be prepared for the following

– People will challenge us and rightly so. Everyone has different expectations of leaders. We must lead with a sense of purpose and have the ability answer for ourselves

– Help bring the best out of those we lead. Leading is about empowering others to succeed

– Leaders know when to step aside. They recognise that they are longer leading in a particular role. This is probably the most difficult admission of a leader but it’s necessary to acknowledge (holding on too tight may cost more than our leadership)


– People that don’t know how to follow make terrible leaders in the future

– Following is an act of humility that adds credibility to the mission

– The best followers that have found their place of purpose, always adding value to the mission

– The worst followers criticise leaders without providing a credible alternative

– Followers that are just seat warmers have no alternative but to get out of the way

Get out of the way

– When the time comes to let others fill a vital role, there is dignity to getting out of the way

– Making the move to get out of the way may be the perfect launching pad to lead in another arena

– Getting out of the way allows a new generation the opportunity to prosper

– Parents, bosses, mentors, pastors, gurus… will all have to grapple when it’s the right time to get out of the way

There’s a time to lead with passion, follow with respect and leave with dignity

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