3 opportunities we have as underdogs (155)

When the teachers thought you were the least likely to succeed

When you were overlooked for that promotion or job opportunity

When you’ve failed at numerous attempts to start a lucrative business

No one has ever heard of you

All the above would be considered as having the underdog status moving forward

1. Being a no body is an underdog’s advantage

You get to practice new strategies and disciplines not yet adopted in the market place and you surprise the world when your day comes

– a new type of dance, technology, food, service, music, fitness, art…

– you don’t have to follow conventional rules because no one cares about you

– you don’t appear to be a threat

In the ancient classic story of David and Goliath, David was the obvious underdog and that was his advantage

2. The underdog is dismissed as a non threat

– IBM wouldn’t have been threatened by Bill Gates playing around with computer parts in the garage

– Bill Gates wouldn’t have been threatens by Steve Jobs when he played around with calligraphy with the desire to turn computers into art forms

As Goliath mocked David that only had a stone and sling, Goliath approaches the battle unprepared for a different type of fight

3. The underdog is all heart

A true underdog fights with everything they’ve got, it’s all or nothing at that crucial moment

In 1976, the movie ROCKY stormed the cinemas with the theme David and Goliath. The Rocky films entertained us repeatedly with the theme of the underdogs which we all relate to.

– Underdogs see the odds yet remain loyal to the course

– Underdogs take an extra beating to make up for their lack of skill in some areas

– Underdogs inspire others to wake up their own dreams and aspirations

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