Speak life into every situation (156)

The words we speak or don’t speak are not static, they carry life or death

With our words we can disarm a volatile situation or inflame it

1. Practice speaking life in every situation, why?

Our words and our tone reveal what’s going on in our heart

They reveal our confidence, fears, prejudice, likes, dislikes and more importantly our ability wether we can influence wholesome change

By practicing speaking life into existence to the best of our ability, expect to be challenged

2. Converting rhetoric to wholesome change

Just because someone shouts from the rooftop how to bring life into the world, doesn’t mean they produce life around them locally

In order to create life around us, our words must be tested by fire which burns off all the rhetoric

No one likes to be preached at but they have very little issues when sincere dialogue is expressed

It may start with rhetoric but it must end in heart to heart otherwise our words will fall to the ground

3. Self reflection is at the heart of choosing wisely how we speak

When we recognise the power of the tongue, only those with the humility to bridle their mouth will speak hope, healing, opportunity, restoration in every situation

If the objective is to win an argument at the cost of killing a relationship, we are still yet to understand the hope we carry through our words

Allowing room for another conversation to gain clarity is always at the heart of breathing life into a situation

Practice speaking what you want into existence and life will afford us the opportunity to live up to our own words first before we influence others

Are you speaking life or death?

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