Beware of the green eyed monster; jealousy destroys best friends (157)

Possessive, insecure, fearful, resentful, angry, an overwhelming sense of potential loss of relationship or possession

Jealousy reveals itself in the most unusual settings and it doesn’t discriminate against kin or foe

Jealousy can attack the closest of friends just as much and perhaps more so than an associate or neighbour

1. Jealousy starts with a suspicious whisper that we entertain in our heart before we spread the unfounded rumour

2. Jealousy is inflamed by our lack inner peace

3. Jealousy begins to justify every action we take as it eats us up from the inside

Nothing good comes from jealousy, like the Green Eyed Monster as described by Shakespeare, it haunts us as it hurts innocent people

Some have the ability to be Professionally Jealous (We hide our insecurities most of the time) but jealousy always has to have an outlet. Unfortunately when the Monster is out, good people are victimised.

Dealing with green eyed monster starts with personal development and restraints

1. Stop being suspicious of every word and action of others, we are not the centre of the universe

2. Be content to lose everything but our sense of self, when we hold on too tight to people, we will lose them anyway

3. There is no fulfilment getting our way all the time, jealousy has no room in community, friendships, family

This monster is at its worst in the workspace, whispering around the water cooler, who’s worthy and who’s not.

All humans ought to be aloud to discover for themselves who they are without the curse of another persons will being imposed on them

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