Digital Highways don’t stop tribalism, they just help find tribal members (158)

Over 2.45 Billion users log onto Facebook monthly, to travel the digital highway.

With all that activity, very few go outside their tribe.

Wether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Snapchat, the average connections are between 90 and 240

These figures don’t vary much to the average weekly or monthly attendance of a church, mosque or temple, social club… world wide

They are also the average figures of attendance to funerals

Many years ago before the digital highway even existed, I heard a sermon that we will impact up to 200 people in our lifetime. Funeral homes know this and rarely will you ever see a funeral with more than 200 in attendance.

With all the technology, travel capability and the so called freedoms we have through the digital highways, we still have small tribes of less than 200

For those that truly believe they have broken this tribal rule, these individuals are simply living in virtual fantasy land.

I tested this rule some years ago by deleting myself completely of the digital plain for two years. When I went back on the digital highway, I tried to find a new digital tribe, picked new potential connections and found myself connected back to my people who speak my language.

Human beings can’t help themselves, we are tribal by nature and that’s ok

Diversity of colour, culture and language is what creates a beautiful world.

I believe LOVE can be the unifying force between many tribes rather than trying to create one massive group think and we call it, humanity. (This is nothing more than homogeneous brainwashing)

Next time someone thinks they are a demigod just because they have more than 200 connections on social media. Or maybe they lead a club, faith group or political party that exceeds that 200 average figure. We will all fade into dust and hopefully some people will remember how we made them feel while we were alive. Most will forget us altogether and only a handful will carry our legacy.

Enjoy your tribe, every single one of them, here and now, be it your faith group, club, extended family.

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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