Leaders ask for help, no matter how accomplished they are (159)

We are not meant to know and do everything

A great sign of leadership maturity and humility is knowing our own limitations

Creating that magic team starts by reaching out for others to help

How do we get the help needed

1. Leaders create a worthwhile vision that draws curiosity

If people are to get involved, they need to see something worth contributing to

In many ways, when we create a big enough vision, people will help us because it helps their own sense of purpose

2. Leaders articulate different opportunities that need a solution

When we ask for help, don’t be vague

Be clear about the problem

Be open to all sorts of solutions

Don’t be condescending when people don’t agree with you

Continue to reevaluate, continue to restate the problem, continue to ask for help

3. Leaders recognise that the problem is always an opportunity to build teams

Leaders are as focused on building people as they are on resolving problems

Once leaders have the right team, they go out and look for bigger problems

Asking for help isn’t a weakness, it’s a calling card to draw those that want to make a difference collectively

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