Be consistent in what you offer even if no one acknowledges you today, why? (162)

Even the beggar will get a return on their time invested on the streets, asking for a handout, why wouldn’t you succeed if you have a solution for someone.

I’ve marvelled at the consistency of beggars as they systematically ask individuals for money. To them it’s a numbers game and they do it because it works. It’s not rocket science.

If we have a unique product or service and we are not consistent in delivering our message, we will not get the response and engagement we are looking for.

Not everyone needs a mechanic, panel beater, doctor, trainer, architect, lawyer, mentor…. today but when they do, are we on their radar?

Business and Brand Development is always about sending out that beam like a lighthouse.

1. Be faithful and ready

2. Always improve your product and service even if no one is buying

3. Be the best in your field and let the word go out from your referrals and any way possible of your passion to meet needs and solve problems

If you want to be the lead in your game, be consistent. Most drop out and leave the kings ransom to those that stayed at it.

If you lack motivation, clarity from time to time, that’s just part of the resilience game.

I’ve picked up clients in property and other services years after I’ve first initiated a connection.

I remember one response from one client “I’ve wanted to engage you years earlier but I was under obligation to a partner and now that the obligation is over, I’d like to engage your services” and the agency I worked for never lost that client.

Back yourself and stay in the game

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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