Unbelief is a killer enemy, why? (161)

Humans are brilliantly resilient, but when we no longer believe, the death cycle starts.

Believe in what?

Believe that people can change, including us

Believe in unexpected opportunities

Believe we can reinvent ourselves again and again

Believe that life’s mysteries are beyond comprehension and we are part of a greater purpose

Believe in unconditional love that renews us from great heartache and disappointment

Believe in unity, family, community and the list continues

Unbelief isn’t passive, it’s a deliberate choice to cut off the possibilities of something being experienced

1. Unbelief doesn’t just kill the possibilities, it starts to kill our soul

2. Unbelief chokes the law of attraction from penetrating our lives

3. Unbelief makes us the creator of all that is and is not, shrinking the world just to our limited experience

The cure to unbelief is simple, take away the obstruction

Take on life again with the innocence of a child with a simple twist, no matter how hard life has hit you

Jesus shared the most profound thought when it comes to believing again in a world filled with wolves, encouraging us to ‘Be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves’

Let our experience navigate us in dangerous territories with the wisdom of a snake, let us be open to experience new things with the innocence and freedom of a dove

Unbelief kills the soul, belief resurrects it

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