3 easy steps, how to become a professional business Evangelist? (163)

It’s interesting how the ancient word Evangelist has been adopted by technology companies with a simple definition of what a Technology Evangelist does

‘A technology evangelist is a person who builds a critical mass of support for a given technology, and then establishes it as a technical standard in a market that is subject to network effects’ ~ Wikipedia

How to create a critical mass for your business idea?

1. You have to believe 110% in what you are doing

An ancient Evangelist was noted for their Enthusiasm. Even the word Enthusiasm from its original meaning creates an interesting picture.

When someone was really enthusiastic, they were filled with God. They were filled with creativity, they saw things others didn’t see. They shared their beliefs and visions, wanting the whole world to have the same hope and joy they had.

It’s hard to promote something you don’t believe in 110%, because you will be tested.

If you are going to be a business evangelist, find something you are passionate about.

2. Getting the message to the masses to create a critical mass starts by creating small cell groups of evangelists, who equally belief in a new way of doing

It’s not enough just to sprout your product expecting everyone to buy into it

The evangelist would convincingly gather small groups and seek to influence them with their message. The intention of the evangelist was to teach individuals to see the world in a new light as they simultaneously create community

If your service or product is second to none, creating small communities won’t be difficult. Half the challenge is believing what we are doing and that cannot be manufactured. Most people see through a salesperson that’s not authentic.

A business evangelist isn’t a salesperson, they are passionate about creating a better world.

3. At the right moment the message starts to go viral and it’s backed up by the community of users

It’s hard to go viral when so few have bought into the product or service

It’s critical that the business evangelist builds rapport with the community in order to sustain growth

Steve Jobs was the ultimate Business Evangelist

The way he built his vision, team and following

When a new product was launched, it was done with religious fervour

– His team bought into it and they’d have small launches with Steve preaching and unveiling the new product

– The crowds bought into it often sleeping overnight to buy the new product

– He created works of art that were not peddled to the lowest price

– He created loyal customers that would defend Apple like they defend a faith

What are you passionate about, who believes in what you are doing and how are you reaching the world with you product or service?

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