Trees create other trees, not just fruit. Many leaders fall short of reproducing other leaders and only produce fruit, why? (164)

Nature teaches us so much if we are open to it.

When we look at a natural forrest, it develops an eco system where all sorts of living creatures survive as a result.

Human beings are brilliant at taking elements of nature and creating controlled eco systems which produces quality fruit, we call this harvesting.

When we consider how far humans have come from hunter gatherer to agriculture and our ability to reproduce food or fruit, this approach doesn’t work when it comes to leadership.

In the modern times of mass education, schools that resemble farms, seeking to harvest future leaders, we still can’t crack the leadership code.

We are turning people into a commodity, an economical product rather than the imprint the creator intended

What are we harvesting to achieve in society

1. Get an education

2. Get a job

3. Find a life partner

4. Reproduce

5. Repeat the process

Nature does something similar with less rules, lines and controls, just like the Amazon Basin

1. A tree is birthed

2. It matures and provides shade, food and protection to all sorts of unrelated creatures

3. When it is fully matured, seed falls to the ground as well as carried by the winds to the four corners of the earth to birth new trees

True leadership is about helping individuals grow to the point of self sufficiency, reproduction and beyond

1. A self governing manager is born

2. Others benefit from them as they provide, food, shelter and protection to all sorts of people, often unrelated to them

3. They continue to produce fruit and ultimately let go of many within their sphere of influence to the four corners of the earth to become what they will become

Leadership is always about empowering others to reach their potential without controlling every decision for them

Parents have to do this

Bosses have to do this

Societies have to do this

If we are to return back to the way the creator intended us to be, unique in every way, to create beautiful cultures that have lasted for thousands of years. We must let go and let people be, especially the ones that we’ve invested in the most

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