A leader’s job is to replace themselves, to create far reaching impact (165)

If we are to make impact in uncharted territory, we need to have the right team

It’s the leaders role to know the destination, not necessarily the whole process of getting there

Most leaders that seem to have all the answers stay in safe waters and rarely experience new opportunities

In the industrial era we created a strange phenomenon of the overseer up in the factory office overlooking the workforce on the factory floor

We see this similar phenomenon in the corporate world. Partners and Directors take up the corner offices overlooking the city skyline while the rest of the workforce resemble chickens in their cubicles

Leaders that replace themselves always outgrow the concept of overseeing the team, they are too busy leading the charge at a grassroots level

Unlike overseers and taskmasters, these replaceable leaders train others as they go.

What are some of the characteristics that replaceable leaders look for?

1. They look for trustworthy individuals over talent

2. They prefer to work with those who display appetite for adventure, willing to adapt and learn new skills

3. They look for the quickest opportunity to handover responsibility with minimal oversight the moment responsibility is given

4. They rely on transparency to keep everyone on task

5. They always add new people to the team and encourage team members to share and handover tasks as they train others

Replaceable Leaders are always creating opportunities for others to step into and encourage the team to do likewise

Two things happen as a result

1. The right people for the wild journey present themselves and prove themselves

2. Those who are seeking comfort and stability rather than an adventure drop off leaving room for a new team player to take their place

Replaceable Leaders always produce replaceable leaders as they create organic growth that has no limits

What type of leader do you want to be?

One of my favourite saying from an elderly entrepreneur in his nineties “There is no security only opportunity”… what he’s referring to is simple, in leadership, there is very little room for the faint hearted.

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