Three reasons why our past can prevent us from enjoying the present and hinder us from reaching our goals (166)

It’s true that we ought to remember where we’ve come from to help us understand where we are going. Unfortunately for many, our past becomes a holding pen where we keep going around in circles.

Three reasons how our past holds us back

1. The past becomes our identity

We either dwell in moments of our past where life was incredibly amazing or tragic, either way they entrap us and we allow it to coin us

Perhaps we acted like a gangster as a teenager which is part of developing our identity.

Perhaps we were successful in business or terrible in relationships

We do ourselves a disservice if we don’t evolve from that place

2. Our past comes with misunderstandings

It’s not only our own insecurities that try to pigeon hole us… everyone we know subconsciously pigeon holes us

Our teachers, relatives, friends

People think they know you from a point in time and rarely give you the privilege of moving on

3. Between our own opinion of ourselves and the opinions of those around us, we spend too much energy trying to move forward

Many will try and move away from their past by moving location, or educating themselves, or moving in different circles

The challenge will always be escaping ourselves which is impossible

Moving forward is accepting that the past is part of our makeup, it’s not what we are today

What we can be today and tomorrow is open for the grabbing

The only person that can give you permission to move on is you

The happiest people I know defy the odds, keep others guessing, keep evolving

They play with their past and only bring out components that benefit the present to help them achieve their dreams

The past is no longer, the future is yet to be, we only have today

Is the past holding you back?

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