Your network is broken and you realise that you are part of a gang not an eco system (168)

The world has never been more equiped to build stronger networks but human nature keeps breaking them down

When we build gangs rather than create networks, the opportunities start to dwindle

A gang: A group of identical or related items, is the simplest definition

We start to look like each other, talk like each other, have a secret code, have an initiation

There is an obvious good, but the seductiveness of the gang starts to eat it self

The obvious good

It’s easy to induct, unify and propagate

Job applications, streamline entry level workers, basic requirements, repetitious processes

From the military, underworld criminals (not condoning, but they use the gang mentality to grow) , Union movements, political parties, McDonald’s, faith movements… it’s how we speed up growth

Create law and order that make people feel welcome and safe

The obvious bad

We don’t know when we are losing our identity

Everything becomes so predictable, our creativity fades

We begin the uncanny habit of lying for the sake of keeping the gang together

We start to fear that members are not up to par or we start to judge one another falsely

What’s the alternative?

Create a movement, an undeniable healthy eco system that attracts others that are stuck in gangs

I escaped three gangs, family, fellowship, firm

1. The Greek/Macedonian family

We talked, walked and looked the same and I reached a point where I had to move on and it came at a cost

I haven’t rejected my heritage, but I’m more than a Greek/ Macedonian

2. The fellowship

I was a part of a Pentecostal organisation for twenty one years that went from a movement to a gang. It served me well for many years until it started morphing. Like my Greek/ Macedonian upbringing, I had to move on

I haven’t rejected my faith since I moved on, my faith has been enhanced

3. The firm

I did ten years in a corporate setting in the commercial property sector

I found myself stuck in a corner where life was all about the deal at the cost of my identity

Equally, like the family and fellowship, I had to move on and rediscover what I’m passionate about

I haven’t rejected commerce, I’ve put reigns on it, it must serve me and not me it

Whatever you do in life, growing your network is more than growing the gang, because the gang will let you down or you will let the gang down

Be part of an eco system

Grow where you are currently planted until you outgrow it

Always be welcoming of new people and opportunities, just be mindful you only have so much to give

Thread strong relationships from all walks of life and don’t be defined by those stuck in a gang mindset

Your core beliefs will be your guide and others will seek you out according to their needs

It takes a courageous person to love all sorts and it starts by loving who you are inwardly, not how other people see you outwardly

Are you trapped in a gang mindset?

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