Making people think outside the box is not as easy as it looks, 3 reasons why (170)

When we talk about thinking outside the box; rarely is the concept adopted because we have to risk what we think we already know.

There is nothing more comforting than knowing

Knowing feels like an accomplishment

Knowing how to add up numbers, write a sentence, putting a recipe together… the simple delight in just knowing

When we talk about thinking outside the box, we have to risk aspects of what we know to step into something new

3 reasons it’s difficult to think outside the box

1. We have to suspend not knowing the outcomes and that takes most people way out of their comfort zones

2. We have to risk our reputation if we fail miserably

3. We have to acknowledge that everything we think we know may be completely redundant if we discover a new way

The benefits of thinking outside the box outweigh all 3 reasons why many hesitate

1. Breaking free from our comfort zone is the gateway to growth

2. Failure is inevitable if we are to achieve a greater understanding of ourselves and our reputation becomes even more authentic

3. Letting go of everything we thought was sacred in light of a new knowing will be like shedding dead branches to reach the sky

Thinking outside the box may cause discomfort for a season but once we experience this new path, we never go back in the box

An ancient wisdom describes thinking outside the box this way “Don’t be conformed or shaped by the world around you be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

What’s stopping you from thinking outside the box?

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