Lateral Leaders see the whole puzzle and influence change, they don’t force pieces that don’t fit (171)

I’ve had the privilege of working with many different individuals holding leadership roles.

It’s fascinating how only a few of these leaders seem to glue their projects together with minimal effort, I call them Lateral Leaders

My observations of these few and how they differ

1. The Lateral Leader has an overall vision of what the project looks like

Like the thousand piece puzzle we buy in the shops, the end picture is on the front of the box.

When the box is open, all we have is a thousand random pieces and an eye for detail

The Lateral Leader intuitively picks random pieces that fit

2. The Lateral leader knows the answer and right person is within their reach

Just like the puzzle, all the pieces are right in front of them and they don’t keep making excuses why the project can’t be finished

They seem to create new opportunities to speed the process up in the midst of what seems chaos

3. The lateral leader isn’t frustrated with all the gaps and they delight themselves with progress

Unlike many leaders who always see the problem and waste too much resources or have the wrong people look at the solution. Lateral leaders cut through the endless reports and conventional problem solving, giving themselves permission to lead where no-one else sees

4. Lateral leaders are often dismissed because their progress seems piecemeal

Lateral leaders approach problems from a completely different paradigm. They are often sidelined because they can’t explain how they will solve the problem until it is solved

It takes great courage to work with Lateral Leaders because convention over resolve takes priority. Too many people end up leaving puzzles incomplete out of frustration as the conjure up excuses. Lateral Leaders are results driven, not process driven.

If you find yourself procrastinating, leaving projects half complete or wasting endless resources or you’re not getting very far, perhaps it’s time to think differently.

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