When trying harder creates anxiety, it’s time to change strategies (172)

Many of us have come across this quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

The very idea of good intentions, being hard working and trying our best is enough is a sure sign of risking perpetual seasons high anxiety.

Every journey we take in life is different and must have a unique sense of direction, otherwise we unsuspectingly go around in circles.

This is most difficult for those who succeed early in life, they struggle when they hit their first wall. In the music world, they have been coined one hit wonders

Some have found a path they are good at and haven’t left that path in decades. These individuals have developed a specialist skill which they won’t deviate from nor do they feel the desire to do so.

Becoming a serial entrepreneur or succeeding in an array of areas is a skill set few dare to travel. This path creates too much stress and anxiety. Unless we develop new strategies every time a problem arises rather than trying harder, this path becomes too hostile.

Very few choose change as their first option, most are thrust into it.

1. Radically changing careers

2. Starting businesses you know very little about

3. Moving countries or locations completely different to what you are accustomed to

4. Having a completely new set of colleagues to work with

5. No one is hiring you for your specialist skill after you’ve become redundant

What do you do not only to survive, but to thrive in this new environment?

Don’t just throw yourself into the project doing what you’ve always done.

It’s a fresh opportunity to reset our mind, develop new skills and approach the opportunity with fresh eyes

Reset the mind: Go back to the fundamentals. What are the most basic tools needed in this new journey and dump the extra baggage.

1. It’s an opportunity to establish respect and carry yourself differently

2. A chance to explore ideas from a different approach, like an explorer seeing the lay of the land before any new approach is taken

3. We have the advantage being new to the field rather than just repeating old processes that landed us in a corner

Sometimes we just need a trusted person we can bounce new ideas without judgment or humiliation to define new strategies.

We are not meant to know everything and when we suppose we do know everything, anxiety increases.

Are you going around in circles?

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