Three steps to developing a Team Spirit (175)

Team: A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport, is the simplest definition.

Wether it’s in sport, the corporate world or the not for profit sector, teams are imperative.

Any coach worth their salt looks for talent in individuals that will compliment the team, it’s that simple.

1. Recognising Individual Talent

The challenge with sourcing individual talent is not to get caught up in forcing talent but sourcing talent.

Forcing talent comes from a cookie cutter mentality, a one size fits all talent.

While it’s important to create well rounded disciplines within a team, the coach is looking for that unique talent of an individual that adds an edge to the team.

2. Creating a whole team

Taking an individual’s talent and adding them to a team to create talent greater than any individual is the objective

Team Spirit is birthed when individuals are able to surrender their unique talent and adapt it to the need of the team.

There is an ancient military saying ‘One will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand’

The idea behind the saying is self explanatory. Combined talent creates a huge advantage over individual talent.

3. Team Spirit has one objective, winning

Working together towards a common goal produces far greater outcomes than any individual playing hard in the game.

To adopt this methodology within the workplace will increase

– Team player participation (A win)

– Greater sense of mental well-being (A win)

– The bottom line becomes far more profitable (A win)

Non team players are easily identified and they can go through further training or find a different game that doesn’t require a Team Spirit.

How are you going developing that Team Spirit?

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Create the ultimate winning team
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