Pay workers their worth; the ancients said, “Don’t muzzle the ox that tread out the corn” (176)

The world is changing rapidly when it comes to the value of labour.

From the Industrial Age that created the fastest labour force in history, individuals have had a $ dollar value placed on their lives like a science.

Governments implement minimum wage and benefits policies, businesses implement wages based on outcomes.

Coming into a new world of artificial intelligence, traditional trades and skills vanishing and a new order of $ dollar value is being realised.

The fact remains!

Pay your workers their worth!!

Worth is always based on productivity rather than on passing time.

What sort of productivity?

1. How many bricks can a bricklayer lay?

2. How many patients can a doctor assist?

3. How many goals can a soccer player contribute to the game?

4. How many people can a singer entertain?

and the list goes on

Determining value

In ancient times they used an ox tied by a yoke with a stone wheal behind it. The ox would labour by walking around while corn was being crushed beneath by the wait of the stone rolling on it.

The point of the exercise was to make the corn so finely grounded that it became palatable for human consumption.

The wages of the ox would be to eat from the corn that it trod. The ox was not limited on how much it ate unless the owner became greedy and only feed the ox the bare minimum.

This ancient principle must be applied in every generation when it comes to paying workers well.

If someone has a unique skill that is rare to duplicate, that person’s skill has a higher value and ought to be paid accordingly.

The greedy owner of an ox that muzzles the ox recognises that the strength of the ox makes the owners work light and therefore in good conscience ought to doubly take care of the beast.

How much are you worth?

Can your skill be duplicated easily or do you have a rare skill?

If you would like to increase your worth or learn to take the muzzle of your neck, a new mindset has to be engaged.

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