Know your calling and maximise your gifting, I’m called to be an armour bearer, so who do I help? (177)

In a world that is bent on self destruction through violence, control and supremacy, there is still an art to winning over your enemy without a battle.

A quote from Sun Tzu, The Art of War ~ ‘Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting’

In order to do this, every leader must have good intel, a capacity to interpret and a strategy to win.

The role of the Armour Bearer

In ancient times, great kings, warriors, noble men had an armour beater assigned to them. Their duty was simple, protect at all costs those in their care, especially in the heat of battle.

Kings and warriors alike were clear to lead while the armour bearer, likened to a bodyguard or confidant were privy to all the goings on without the responsibilities of fully leading.

An armour bearer would be prepared for battle and have a different advantage to the leader.

– They’d see weaknesses and vulnerabilities in those they protected and would fill in those gaps

– They’d be of humble means with the soul purpose of serving their leaders

– They’d be at the complete disposal of the leader and have minimal recognition

A perfect synergy between leader and armour bearer is what songs legends were birthed out of. Proverbs, like ~ ‘One will chase a thousand and two will bring down ten thousand’

The role of the armour bearer is to create avenues for a leader’s survival, victory and honour.

Other examples of this unique relationship in ancient times was the role of a king and a prophet. As the king would lead, they would often rely on the council of a prophet, who was primarily the moral voice to the king.

If a king sidestepped the moral voice of the prophet, the king would often end up in a self destructive mode and the nation would suffer.

Like the armour bearer, the prophet’s role was to compliment and protect the king. The prophet was of humble means and completely dependent on the good will of the king to function in their role. They were equally fearless and speak to the king truth even at the expense of their own comfort and life itself.

In the same principle, both king and armour bearer come from a Devine Calling. They are only complimentary and a powerful force if they function within their calling.

Wether you have been called to be a king or queen, an armour bearer, prophet or prophetess, never overstep your gifting.

I’ve been called to be an armour bearer to leaders, to speak wisdom into their lives especially in the heat of battle. My strength has been forged over decades to speak truth and hope into a leader’s life even if it is painful.

Some leaders have struggled with my motives because they think like kings and not like an armour bearer. These leaders have missed the opportunity to win battles you can only win with an armour bearer by their side.

Perhaps you’ve struggled to grow to your full potential as a leader and you need that armour bearer by your side. Someone not afraid to love you unconditionally and will share truth with you no matter what.

Are you stuck in the heat of battle?

Do you need someone to talk to that can help you grow in your leadership calling?

If you are interested in a chat, message me on WhatsApp with the button to the right hand bottom corner of this page or email me direct on and we can arrange to meet if you’re in Perth, Western Australia or zoom chat anywhere in the world.

Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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