God visits us when we deny Him most, why? (178)

Human beings have a fascination with the existence of God, the after life and the meaning of life beyond instinct.

In ancient times, even the great Pharaohs, the heads of state and leaders of the people would try to immortalise themselves by burying treasures with them to bring to the afterlife.

In 2020 the battle of faith verses science has not diminished, not by a long shot.

The connection between hardship and faith always triumphs over hardship and science.

Hardship is hard to define when an individual is coasting along in life, completely numb to deeper meaning.

Hardship can be experienced when someone is in abject poverty or when someone has reached their ultimate dream.

Abject poverty has been a great motivator for billions of people to fight for life, family and meaning.

Millions of people experience new life in their darkest physical state as God meets them in their lowest point. There is a humility and sobering moment when individuals defy logic through their faith.

Often the West and affluent countries seek to rescue the poor, not recognising their own state of poverty. I am talking about poverty of soul.

Jesus said ~ ‘God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs’

Simply put, the physically poor recognise their need for more beyond instinct.

The poor are closer to meaning and often encounter with God with minimal effort. They have nowhere else to turn but faith. They often experience riches beyond words.

So is there hope for the wealthy, the scientist, the educated, the privileged?

It often takes reaching our Everest in life before we contemplate there is an even higher meaning.

It’s been my experience that there is hope.

Jesus said, ‘What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?

I’ve had the privilege over many years asking that very question to the successful, wealthy, entitled people of the world. Many have responded with an absolute agreement, the moment you lose your soul, nothing can replace its meaning.

So, to the ones that have hit a wall, no amount of money, success or notoriety will fill that void in your life.

It’s at this point that the Love of God pays us a visit. He starts knocking on the door of our heart. We can choose two things

– Continue to deny His existence and suffer in emptiness with all the outward bells and whistles

– We can acknowledge our emptiness and invite God into our life to give it meaning that lasts beyond the material

I’m of the belief, we are spiritual beings that inhabit a temporal physical body. We are not physical beings that try to be religious from time to time.

Are you at the end of your road, you’ve achieved much but nothing fills the emptiness deep within?

Perhaps God is finally getting your attention.

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